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What’s behind the name Apollos?

We want to come alongside existing church and ministry leaders to support them in their callings. We think this is well expressed by the apostle Paul in I Corinthians when he explained that he planted but that “Apollos watered” and God made it grow. We want to provide resources and training support for the leaders God has put in place rather than starting new churches or ministries.

What needs are you working to meet?

The global church is growing and the church planting movement is thriving, but the Biblical and theological training necessary for church health is struggling to keep pace. The health of the global church is tied to the spiritual and Biblical training of its leaders.

Are you hiring?

If you resonate with our mission and vision and are interested in support-based or self-funded work, let’s set up a time for a conversation! Email us at

Can you provide training or connect us to resources for our church or ministry?

Let’s talk! Send an email to with information about your needs. We are working alongside indigenous leaders, volunteers, and partners with shared ministry goals. If you’d like to discuss partnership possibilities, email us at